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Principal / Todos los videos / Conferencias online Grabadas / 16/09/20 Neuroscience and Your inner child, by Mercedes Guzman

16/09/20 Neuroscience and Your inner child, by Mercedes Guzman


David R. Hawkins, wrote that it is by the innocence of the child that man is led to God and to heaven. It is actually only by the innocence of the child within that the door to truth can be opened.

When a child is conceived they enter a universe where they will be receiving information from their mother’s emotions. Meaning that when a child is born all the emotions from their mother are already stored in their subconscious. It is only a matter of time when the cycles of what was store will begin to manifest in their life time and time again.When Zero Frequency is achieved, you live from instantaneous direction and guidance of a wiser Universe possessing more infinite possibilities that your conscious mind can conceive. You live from a clean slate, much like an innocent child who has yet to have his/her mind imprinted with adult programming. Nothing touches your state of happiness because you have the tools to clear it easily and effortlessly.

Mercedes Guzman
Is an international speaker, coach and author. She works with people around the world helping them to unlock and unblock patterns that are holding them back. Mercedes accomplishes this through a powerful technique that she developed called ICLP (Inner Child Love Process).

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