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How to change your beliefs in five simple steps, by Estela Well


Most of our beliefs come from childhood, they have been installed in our personality from our family and parents. What’s more – they are often irrational o unconscious for us. We do things, defend things, suffer things that mostly are there since you remember yourself and even before. So why changing your beliefs? The right answer is because it makes you suffer and stops you from living your life happily. So I’ll show you 5 simple tricks how to make it possible for your brain.

Estela Well
Founder of SincroEmotion therapy, focused on emotional management, expert in hemisphere sincronizing, expert in morphopsicology, Dr. Bach practitioner, managing director to nutritional compliments laboratory, international law doctor PhD

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  1. Dear Karen, just put my name correctly as Estela Well an you can see all my videos and my web.
    Thanks for your interest. kind regards.

  2. Where we can found more information about this therapy? I try in internet with the name Estela Wells I cant found nothing.

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