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The Magic Language of color, by Rosario Urrutia


We will discover from the color the people is wearing in their blouses or shirts, which is the emotional blockage in this moments of their lives that is convenient for them to work. We always choose the colors we need. I will ask people that is attending this conference to write their names, the country and the color they are using in this moment in their blouses or shirts.

Rosario Urrutia
Has been working with Radiesthesia since 30 years ago and loves to work with simbolic language such as colors, numbers, music, symbols. Her main ability is to search through Radiesthesia the causes of illness in people and the solutions.

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  1. Mindalia is the best YT channel with open spiritual, health, and welfare info. Love to spend my time watching conferences and learning about it.
    Thanks a lot Mindalia and Rosario!

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